Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Was your father a mechanic?

Then how did you get such a finely tuned body?

No such thing as a cheesy pick-up line! (Source)

Hey all!  How are you doing?

Today's lesson...it began in the club!



You can find me in the club, with my friends, danc[ing] the night away whenever we have the chance.

Considering I'm a college student, I went to parties quite frequently in college.  (By the end of this year, it was Friday and Saturday night of every weekend...heyy you're only young once, right?  And we all know girls just want to have fun...)

And let me tell you.  I got my fair share of attention.  Maybe even a little more than usual.  So I'm used to the attention from the chicos on the weekends.  (Not to sound arrogant; sometimes I did initiate the conversation, but heyyy we still had tons of fun).


Daddy I'm so sorry, I'm so s-s-sorry yeah/   We just like to party, like to p-p-party yeah

But the other night at the club... much more attention than I am used to.  Or different kinds of attention.  Because usually the guy doesn't inundate me with compliments (I do get them, though, I promise haha).  But at the club...guys would just say "You are so beautiful", "You are so sexy" and just constant attention.

Okay, so it didn't sound like this, but it still felt great.

Mind you, I've been to my fair share of clubs before.

The difference between this time and all the other times?

Well, I had on my FAV dress that I always have such great memories in.
Seriously, do you guys have a dress or outfit that brings back such a great memories?

Such a great dress...ahh now I want to wear it every time I go out! (Source)

But I was also feeling really confident and I wasn't necessarily looking for attention.  When I go out in college, I am looking to meet a new guy that night.  I am looking for someone to dance with.  I won't be satisfied if I don't end up meeting someone.  (I'm not looking for a boyfriend, just someone to dance with THAT NIGHT).

With me??? ;) (Source)

Anyway (ahhh that word), that night I just wasn't looking for anything.  I decided just to dance and enjoy myself. 

And you know that cliché, if you stopped looking for something, you'll find it.

BINGO!  It's dead on.


Just being a confident, smiling girl who was having tons of fun got me so much more attention than the girl who was looking for someone.

So lesson of the day?
Even in a club, where looks matter so much, personality still has an important role.  So stop trying so damn hard, put on a smile, throw on something that makes you feel beautiful, and rock it.  Because the guys will follow as long as you are loving yourself.

And do the pretty girl rock!!

When you go out with friends (whether it be out to dinner or to a club), do you find yourself looking for guys or focusing on having fun?  (If you are married or in a serious relationship, what did you do when you were single?)

Bye, bye beauties!
-CJ xoxo


  1. What a fun post.... I have never really looked for a man. I go out with friends and enjoy them...whatever cupid has in store for me is all up to Mother Nature herself:)
    I find that when one is desperate to find a partner...they loose their focus and choose the wrong match for them~

  2. Loveee "Pretty Girl Rock"!! I always remember focusing on fun :)

  3. when i stopped looking, thats when my boyfriend and i bumped into each other. I agree with you! I think when you go out with girlfriends, exude confidence and act as though no boys exist, then the boys come to you...this post sounds like u had a blast and lots of fun. Keep at it girlie!

  4. Mmmm, thanks for sharing that link in your comment on my post! Looks fantastic!!