Sunday, May 29, 2011

Do you have a map?

Cuz I'm getting lost in your eyes ;)

I just LOVE pick-up much!  They are so corny, yet so complimentary haha.  What are your thoughts on pick-up lines?  There's definitely a time and place that is perfect for them, in my opinion.

Speaking of pick-up lines, sometimes we all need a pick-me-up.  No, I don't mean a cocktail, coffee, etc.  I mean an affirmation that makes us feel good about ourselves when we are down.

The perfect example of what I mean?  Meet this cutie who teaches us all a good lesson:

So your challenge today?  I want you to make a list of everything that you love about yourself and your life, just like Jessica.  If you want to dance around in front of your bathroom, GO FOR IT!  But make sure you say them aloud; something about speaking it and hearing it makes it penetrate more.  And that's the goal after all.  I want you to live loving yourself and feeling good about what you have.

And whenever you are down, you can now go back to this list and remind yourself of all the good.  Many times we get so bogged down by the bad that we miss out on the good.  There's a great quote that I read the other went like this:

If we never thank God for every smile, then why do we blame Him for every tear?  Get it together people.

Ah such wise words of Chris Tucker

 But seriously, let's start focusing on the good and feeling good about ourselves.  I think we deserve it.

What are you planning on writing on your list?  Leave a comment and tell me!

Ciao beauties<3
-CJ xoxo

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