Saturday, May 28, 2011

What's cookin' good lookin'? ;)

Hey there!  I was stumbling this morning and came across the best picture ever!

Oh yea!  I'm talking to Y-O-U!

How are you all?  I hope you are all feeling great this Memorial Day weekend!

Today is not just the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend.  Oh no.  It's also, National Compliment Day.  Well, no.  Not really.  I totally just made that up for the challenge I am giving you guys today.  (The official date is actually January 24th, but we missed it, so let's just do it now.  JSYK...I'm celebrating my birthday on June 16th this year with my friends because I was away at college when it was my actual birthday [my birthday is January 27th; clearly I enjoy making up reasons to celebrate and this is NOT new for me ;)]).

So in honor of this holiday, I challenge you to give at least 3 compliments today.  At least, people; it shouldn't be too hard.  I know, as a female, I am such a sucker for any compliment.  They literally make my day.  So why not make someone else's?  And in the process of making someone else feel great, many times you also feel great yourself.  So everyone wins :D

For these compliments, you must be sincere.  No Regina George-like compliments please.

Pic Source

Regina: Oh my God, I love your skirt! Where did you get it?
Lea Edwards: It was my mom's in the '80s.
Regina: Vintage, so adorable.
Lea Edwards: Thanks.
Regina: [after girl walks away] That is the ugliest f-ing skirt I've ever seen.

Gotta love Mean Girl quotes

But seriously, none of that.  Please, genuine compliments.  For example: I love your hair.  I adore your outfit.  I like your beard.

Okay, I completely gave away my age.  First, stumbling, then Mean Girl quotes, then a Ke$ha quote.  Yup, I'm 19 years old if you didn't already figure that one out.

But regardless of what you decide to say, mean it and watch how they respond.

And when I say at least 3 today, I never said you can't give yourself a compliment.  Heyyy, I think YOU deserve one, too!

I want to now hear from you!
What is the best compliment you have ever received?  When I was still very sick with anorexia and in the mist of all my restricting behaviors anything that indicated I was thin made me feel alive.  Now?  My favorite compliment was when my friend told me that my inner calmness/happiness makes others around me it's impossible to be upset around me.  Ahh, I feel so good just thinking about it ;)

I want to hear the [at least] 3 compliments you give today (to whom, where, when, all the dirty deets ;)) and how the person you complimented reacted.  I love reactions!  Favorite part!

That's all for today folks! Stay strong today and have fun with your compliments, beautiful<3

-CJ xoxo

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