Monday, May 30, 2011

If beauty were time,

you'd be eternity ;)

So I've decided I think I want to begin all my posts with cheesy pick-up lines; I just liked the one from yesterday ohh so much!

Today's topic for this blog is very important for me.  The other weekend, I was feeling very insecure.  Let's just say I was a mess.  My one friend kept telling me that it's okay; it's what's on the inside that matters; I have a beautiful personality; etc.

After she said all of this, I said "Yea, that's what they say to ugly people to make them feel better about themselves."


Ouch! Clearly, I was feeling like a Debbie, a Debbie Downer that is.

Looking back, I am just so frustrated by this all.

I am frustrated that for a second I felt so insecure because I am not perfect.
I am frustrated that this insecurity got to me for so long that I actually complained to my friend about it (I am generally not that girl).
And I am frustrated that I believed for a second that inner beauty only applied to "ugly" outward appearances.

Such BULL.

As Damon says, "you've got to be kidding me!"

Because insides really do matter.  So I got a question; Do you want to have a summer party in my basement?  HAHA just kidding.  I have to stop quoting Ke$ha (it just fits all too perfectly, though).

Anyway, the question: After getting to know someone, do you find them more attractive?  I certainly do.  And not just with males, but also with friends.  I've come to realize that no matter what my first impression of them is, I generally find them prettier as I get to know them.  So clearly, personality does matter.

We spend so much time trying to perfect our outsides that we forget to enhance our insides.

Example you ask?

Well, for prom, I dropped five pounds, got my hair down, bought new makeup, spent over $400 on a dress, and I looked gorgeous.  Looking at the pictures, not to sound arrogant, but I looked incredible.  But regardless, I was still shy and awkward around my date.  Looking so beautiful didn't change those facts.  And I can look incredible when I go out with my friends and I may attract guys, but I have to talk with them and flirt with them once I attract them.  I can't just stand there like a beautiful statue.  And thus, personality does matter.  I was so shy at prom that I honestly haven't spoken to my prom date much since.  Thus, maybe I should have spent more time feeling confident and learning to be outgoing.

It's somewhat amusing that many of my most profound moments could be concluded with a "well, duh".  But hey, I'm young, I'm trying, I'm learning!

Want another example of the importance of inner beauty?

Well, I met this guy my junior year of high school at a leadership conference.  He has been texting me quite frequently, and although he might be the best looking guy that I've texted, he is so shy.  I find he incredibly good looking, but he's just so hard to keep a conversation going with, and so I don't know if I would ever date him.

The point of this long post is for you guys to start embracing your inner beauty.  No, it's not because you are ugly and do not have any outer beauty, like I tried to tell my friend that one day.  It's because your outer beauty can only take you so far.  You have to love yourself and learn to be confident, because when you are feeling most confident, I find it is easiest to be outgoing and to take risks.  And that's a key aspect of life, isn't it?   To take risks, to meet new people, and enjoy it all along the way.

You should love your outward appearance.  But don't forget about your insides.  I hear she's even more gorgeous.


What makes your insides beautiful?  What is one aspect that you love about your personality?  What is one aspect of your personality that you need to work on?  Tell me in the comment!

PS the whole part you need to work on, you kinda need to work on it for this challenge :)

Enjoy your Memorial Day and show the world what you are made of, cuz you were born this way, baby<3
-CJ xoxo

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